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PhD programme  

The PhD programme in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures aims to provide high-quality research training in the areas of English, French, German, Spanish, Scandinavian and Slavic studies. Research-intensive training is provided in a variety of disciplinary fields, including linguistics (both diachronic and synchronic), philology, literature, culture, comparative literature, language mediation and intercultural communication. Research projects can be pursued in any of these fields.

The teaching is organised in a two-tier system, comprising a common core of courses aimed at all PhD students designed to broaden their interests and competences across the various disciplinary fields, as well as discipline-specific activities and specialist courses. In both cases teaching is organised in seminars, conferences and workshops focusing on methodological issues and/or specific themes and topics, with lectures held by members of the PhD school and by invited scholars.

The ultimate aim of the PhD programme is to produce scholars endowed with an in-depth knowledge of the languages and cultures in which they specialise, and with advanced competences in the areas of linguistics, literature and culture. Such competences typically lead to an academic career, but can also be valuable to obtain positions in various professional fields, both in Italy and abroad, e.g in international cultural relations bodies, research institutions, libraries, and publishers.

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